Wearing: Hawaiian

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Something about the print of this dress that makes me happy. I love it’s demure length and the ruched shoulder details. Had I been with my blogging godmother, Rita, she would have taken shots of these details, and made me a better blogger.

Anyhoo, I found this whilst thrifting and almost didn’t get it because the neckline is too high for my liking and the lining is fraying. Thankfully, my girlfriend convinced me to get it and I’m glad I did!

Funny enough, guys seem to like this dress too and you know how oblivious that specimen is to things like dresses etc. I don’t know what it is, maybe it’s the Hawaiian print?

Hawaii Five 0

Thrifted dress // Bally tan braided belt // Longchamp Le Pliage bag // Charles & Keith sunnies // Ebel watch // Havaianas

This buckle of this belt has such a hefty weight to it that it keeps slouching down, unless I belt it super tight. Which is problematic, particularly after I chowed down truckloads of food.

So, are you humming to the tune of Hawaii Five O in your head now?


Wearing: Orange and Gray in Bali

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So on my recent holiday to Jakarta, my sister, J, and I went on a short getaway trip to Bali and Lombok. It’s a trip within a trip – inceptionesque!

Serendipitiously, Groupon had a great deal for a luxurious villa at Nusa Dua Retreat. I promise you, this villa is is probably 3 – 4 times the size of my apartment (weeps…). We had a private pool, rooftop, enormous bathroom and best of all, fuh-reakin’ fantastic bed. Anyway, will do a proper review of the hotel later, but for now.. an outfit post!

Waiting for our breakfast by the pool, wearing one of my favourite day dresses with orange and gray stripes.

Vintage dress // Unbranded belt // Charles & Keith sunnies // Havaianas

A little to late: A Packing Guide

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I would put my junk in these trunks

I was catching up on my blog reading, and one of my favourite blogs, This is Glamorous, posted this.

Which I could have used when I was packing for my trip, because frankly, I brought too many things I didn’t end up having a lot of use for. With the exception of the Aloe Vera Gel. A Godsend, especially when your hotel is in the middle of nowhere and you’ve fallen asleep by the pool after swimming. I look so classy like that.

I read about girls who brings with them when they travel glamorous things like ‘spensive scented candles, champagne, a personalised alarm clock, bedazzled frame of family pics or whatever. I wish I was one of them. I guess I’m just boring low maintenance like that.

So if you’re a last-minute packer like yours truly, I hope this will help. Click here to download the pdf packing list. If anything, it has pretty illustrations and will make the whole planning thing just a bit more palatable.

ps: In reality, my luggage is just a tad less like those LV trunks and more like this Samsonite black spinner 4-wheeler. It is fantastic. Shout out to the Big Man who got me the suitcase.

pic and pdf from sarah klassen

Wearing: Cream & Khaki

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We stumbled upon this spot by accident – it was after working hours and we wanted to find somewhere not too crowded. The backdrop, to me, is very Hong Kong. Concrete jungle with congested traffic, heavily dotted with red taxis. Don’t you love the bokeh in these pics too?


I tend to go for simple & plain ensembles – and this top is a definite workhorse. It’s cheap price is reflected in the mediocre fit and cheap material. However, I love its simplicity and the hammered silk look that make it so versatile. If only I can find a better quality version of this…


Barkins cream blouse // Country Road silk drawstring skirt // Charles & Keith shoes // Diva bangles // Ebel watch

Notice the scar on my knee? I got it from falling down as I was running to catch my bus in front of uni. It was my first week as a first year student, no less. True story. It was very mortifying.



And if you can’t already tell, I am inseparable with my crackberry.
Photog: Rita

Wordless Wednesday: Bedroom Envy

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Source: kevasia

Brilliant! Aloe Vera Ice Cubes

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I have been away on a mini break to get away and spent the entire time slothing around. I caught up on sleep, swam a little and ate a lot. Such is life.

I was careful to slap on more sunscreen, but the weather was pretty cloudy anyway.

Stumbled upon this idea – I could’ve used this a couple of weeks ago! Isn’t it genius?!

Wearing: F21 Friday

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For me, every Casual Friday translates to – what am I going to wear?!
Not too formal (not that I do formal..), but at the same time not looking like I’m going to the mall either.
This is a good compromise, I think.
Fuchsia top & gray skinny jeans
F21 silk cami // F21 trousers // Vintage belt // Kate Spade bag // Custom made shoes
Love a bit (ermm.. in this case, a lot?) of F21. I can’t wait till they’re open in Hong Kong!
Fuchsia top & gray skinny jeans
Did you notice the elastacised waistband? Yes, I’m that much closer to granny-chic.
Fuchsia top & gray skinny jeans
Had some Japanese for dinner at Toba after work but beforehand, we went exploring and found this vintage shop called Retrostone. Some pretty cool stuff in there, especially their selection of bags. They don’t come cheap though!
This is me trying to take a picture of the front door with my Crackberry. Not sure why my hair was so messy?
Photos by: Rita